EMT 139st # 4455 from 1959

original and legendary EMT 139st stereo tube MC phono equalizer amplifier, the "holy grail" for EMT 927/EMT 930 owners/users

For sale an absolute rarity, a wonderful original EMT 139st stereo tube MC phono equalizer amplifier in perfect working condition, serial nr. 4455 and one of the first produced in its release year 1959, previously used by SRG (Schweizerische Radio - und Fernsehgesellschaft / Swiss Radio - and TV corporation) for some decades. 


Background and history



The EMT 139st stereo phono tube equalizer amplifier was designed in 1959 (price in 1959 DM 700,--) as partner of the EMT 139 mono phono tube equalizer amplifier to fulfil the need of stereo sound reproduction with the professional studio turntables EMT 927 and EMT 930.  It was and is a professional state-of-the-art stereo phono tube equalizer amplifier with top quality in- and output transformers to amplify low level signals of dynamic (MC) cartridges to studio balanced line level (+6dB). The first version, EMT 139st, was provided with de-emphasis characteristics for DIN, NARTB and RIAA,  the second version, EMT 139st b, was (re)designed in 1963 with de-emphasis characteristics for NAB-RIAA-DIN 33/45, DIN 78, BBC and FLAT. The EMT 139st b was in production with EMT until 1967 after which it was succeeded by the solid state version EMT 155st.

EMT 139st # 4455 from 1959


The EMT 139st # 4455 was manufactured and sold to the SRG (Schweizerische Radio - und Fernsehgesellschaft / Swiss Radio - and TV corporation in 1959 and recently the EMT 139st had a complete refurbish incl. a partly recap (exchange/renew of all PIO - and electrolytic capacitors) in my workshop after which the unit was tested and adjusted in accordance with the original EMT regulations and instructions. The EMT 139st # 4455 is in perfect working condition and comes with:


- original vintage tested VALVO ECC81 and ECC83 tubes,

- a new manufactured replica control panel/face plate,

an USB stick with lots of information regarding the EMT 927/930, scanned EMT Courier/Kurier 1 - 46 and the circuit diagram(s) of the EMT 139 series,

- all old/exchanged capacitors,

- new red velvet dust cover with embroidered EMT logo for EMT 927 or EMT 930.




EMT 139st # 4455 incl. VALVO tubes and new control panel/face plate: Sold, found a new home in Melbourne - Australia.


Optional (with additional price):


Used control knobs and axes for use of the EMT 139st # 4455 in an EMT 927: € 155,--


Used control knobs and axes for use of the EMT 139st # 4455 in an EMT 930: € 175,--


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