EMT 927D st # 5912 from 1961

the best, rarest, most wanted and - sought after professional stereo studio turntable ever made

For sale a wonderful, legendary and very rare pre-owned EMT 927D st professional stereo studio turntable, serial no. 5912 from October 1961, complete with NOS (New Old Stock) EMT 997 and new manufactured glass platter.


This EMT 927 was born in 1961 as EMT 927A st and came in my workshop as a poor empty chassis with only some small parts and the main switch & speed selector unit so without motor, main platter, main platter bearing, tonearm lift systeem, brake system, power supply, etc. etc.. The challenge was to rebuild and transform this EMT 927A st to an EMT 927D st with auxiliary glass platter in stead of the plexi platter, no optical groove indication system and no brake system so no quick start/stop facility. After more then 55 years the upper part of the main chassis was professional resprayed in original “hammered” medium-grey and re-engraved with the original symbols and text, the under part of the main chassis was resprayed in satin black. Further on every EMT 927 part (coming from my stock, bought from external sources or reproduced) was dissassembled, cleaned, polished, resprayed (if necessary), lubricated and adjusted after reassembly. Also a new wiring loom was made “old school” with waxed thread to connect all electrical parts (mains input, power supply, mains switch, phono preamp etc.) with each other. After 4 months restoration and final assembly of the EMT 927D st the turntable set was adjusted and tested in accordance with the original EMT factory new specifications.


During rebuilding/restoration also a lot of parts were exchanged/renewed, for instance:


- new vulcolan intermediate (idler) wheel,

- new rubber motor suspension set,

- new motor capacitor set,

- new ball main bearing,

- new felt ring speed control system,

- new neon lamp strobe illumination,

- new in - and output connectors,

- new rubber belt main platter,

- new manufactured replica spare cartridge holder,

- new manufactured replica 45 rpm adaptor.


Please have a good look at the pictures, this is your opportunity to obtain, own and use one of the most wanted and sought after professional stereo studio turntable sets ever designed and manufactured in the 20th century, plug and play ready, in superb working - and mint condition.


The complete EMT 927D st set is for 220VAC - 50Hz mains voltage (can be converted to 110VAC - 50Hz), is in superb working condition, appearance is near mint and comes with:


- mains power cable, 2 mtr.,

- dummy load to activate neon strobe lamp circuit,

- bottle (50ccm) of special EMT bearing oil,

- a copy of the original EMT 927 user/service manual,

- a wonderful black or red velvet dust cover with embroidered EMT logo,

- the original EMT 997 tonearm wooden box,

- an USB stick with lots of information regarding the EMT 927 and EMT 930, scanned EMT Courier/Kurier 1 - 46 and a lot of pictures made during the restoration process.




EMT 927D st # 5912 with new EMT 997 and new glass platter: Sold, found a new home in Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom.


Optional (with additional price):


New TIB Basic tonearm interface box: € 325,--


New DENON DL-103 stereo MC cartridge in new EMT TSD-G shell: € 595,--


New EMT TSD 15 SFL recently made by EMT Studiotechnik in sealed/unopened box: € 1.335,--


New 139st b stereo MC phono tube equalizer amplifier with audio output cable with Cinch or XLR-3 connectors and control knobs with axes: € 4.800,--


Orignal EMT 139st b # 8790 stereo MC phono tube equalizer amplifier from July 1964 with original screened faceplate, audio output cable with Cinch or XLR-3 connectors and control knobs with axes: € 8.800,--


New shock-absorbing frame made by Studiotechnik Dusch in Germany: € 1.710,--

New DU-937 multi converter made by Studiotechnik Dusch in Germany: € 1.930,--


Please note:


Selling price is excluding Dutch VAT (21%) and packing/shipping costs, delivery worldwide by UPS in a tailor-made wooden box (see last picture).


Price for packing incl. tailor-made wooden box (see last picture): € 250,--.


Price for shipping by UPS road/aircargo door to door service and total weight of 65KG: € 150,-- to € 1.000,-- depending of final destination and insurance.


All prices are excl. Dutch VAT (21%).


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