EMT 154 # 9269 from 1964 

the curious one

My private collection contains all versions of EMT phono equalizer amplifiers for the EMT 927 and EMT 930, mono as well as stereo, tube as well as solid state. Most curious one is the EMT 154 mono phono solid state equalizer amplifier with serial no. 9269 from October 1964 and supposed to be the first EMT phono equalizer amplifier with solid state technology.

I bought this EMT 154 with original faceplate in the summer of 2011 from a nice gentlemen in Indonesia who had reject it from his EMT 930st with serial no. 10559 from October 1965. Unfortunately he couldn’t tell me how this set had come in Indonesia but probable it was sold and delivered by EMT to the national broadcast corporation of Indonesia. No information about this EMT 154 could be found in my huge collection EMT documentation or EMT Couriers/Kuriers but Louis Dusch from Dusch Studiotechnik in Germany fortunately could help me with a copy of the original circuit diagram from the EMT 154, dated October 23 1964 so this was the evidence that it was a real EMT product.


The EMT 154 is a professional state-of-the-art mono phono solid state equalizer amplifier with germanium transistors and top quality in- and output transformers to amplify low level signals of dynamic (MC) cartridges to studio balanced line level (+6dB) and provided with de-emphasis characteristics for NAB-RIAA-DIN 33/45, DIN 78, BBC and FLAT, the same characteristics as from the EMT 139B, EMT 139st b and later EMT 155/155st. As far as I know this curious EMT 154 was never produced in large quantities, three years after the design and realisation of this EMT 154 EMT introduced the famous and legendary EMT 155/155st mono/stereo phono solid state equalizer amplifiers as successors of the EMT 139 series mono/stereo phono tube equalizer amplifiers.


This EMT 154 is still in complete original state, it’s only cleaned and no restorations or modifications are made and, after more then fifty years, it’s in great shape and superb working condition.  



Note: items in the reference collection are from my private collection, used as reference for my contemporary activities and not for sale.