EMT 927F # 10466 and # 10467 from September 1965

simultaneous restoration of two EMT 927F twin tonearm professional studio turntables

After the finished restoration in 2020 of two EMT 927F twin tonearm turntables it's EMT 927F time again, early 2021 I bought some used EMT 927F twin tonearm turntables directly from the SR (Swedish Radio) and mid March 2021 we finally found an opportunity to travel to Stockholm to collect them, they are in my workshop now and I will start, just like in 2020, a complete restoration to bring them back in the condition like they were sold by EMT to the SR approximately 56 years ago.

It's always special to have multiple EMT 927 turntables under restoration in my workshop but in this case, EMT 927F # 10466 and #10467, it's extra special to have the double EMT 927F twin tonearm turntables because of the consecutive numbers and both coming from one source, the SR (Swedish Radio) at which they were in 24/7 service for decades under the numbers EMT 927 - 139 and EMT 927 - 140.

Mid April 2021, both EMT 927F turntables are in good working order and professional maintained condition but cosmetically the traces of decades 24/7 use are obvious so both are completely disassembled to make the frames and top-plates ready for a new and fresh spray paint cover at the external painter.

May 2021, after a lot of cleaning, repairing, filling and sanding both EMT 927F top-plates were ready for a new fresh medium grey hammertone coating at the external painters workshop. Already back in my workshop for the next step, a new text and symbols print at my subcontractor in Germany.

End of June 2021, after some time of drying and curing of the new fresh coating with "hammertone" paint the two top-plates are shipped in a special tailor-made wooden box to Germany for a complete new original text and symbols print, in the mean time working at the two underframes, cleaning, repairing, filling and sanding before they will have a new black spray paint coating. Also already refurbished the main bearings and - platters.

Mid of July 2021, restoration of both EMT 927F turntables is going prosperous and according to plan, under frames have a new black spray paint finish and both top-plates are back from Germany with a new original text/symbol printing so all is ready to start the rebuilding of these special two tonearm turntables.

End of July 2021, starting rebuilding of the two EMT 927F twin tonearm turntables with new, NOS (New Old Stock) and refurbished parts, the beauty is in the details.

Mid of August 2021, a lot of parts are refurbished and supplemented with some new parts for the second tonearm lift system, all ready for further assembly.

End of August 2021, both motors and power/speed control switch units are completely refurbished and as new again so ready to be assembled back into the two EMT 927F turntables.

Last Friday of August 2021, motors and power/speed control switch units assembled in the EMT 927F turntables, restoration is still going strong and according to plan.

First week of September 2021, still waiting for some parts of the second tonearm lift system but most parts are assembled at the top/upper deck, the auxiliary platters are refurbished and supplied with new felt, next for this month the start of building up the under frame with the original (to be refurbished) power supply, a new "old school" manufactured wiring loom and new audio cabling.

Mid September 2021, both power supplies and audio output mute units are refurbished, adjusted and tested, ready to go back in the under frames.

Power supplies and audio output units are assembled in the under frames and the last new manufactured parts for the second tonearm lift systems came in from the subcontractor so these lift systems can be completed coming days.