Neumann PA2 # 023 from 1958

restoration of the rarest professional turntable

The Neumann PA2 # 023 from 1958, PA stands for "Plattenabspielgerät" (record player in German), is the most rarest professional turntable around the globe, probably not many were made by Neumann and only 15 - 20 pcs. are still existing nowadays. I acquired this Neumann PA2 in the summer of 2019, coming from Santiago - Chile, and is one of the restoration projects for the winter of 2019/2020. During the restoration of this wonderful small turntable I will regularly upload some pictures of the activities and the restoration progress.

Early April 2020, finished some restoration activities, all parts cleaned and polished, new slide bearings placed in the motor, found the right rubber belt etc. so time to run a humble audio test with the unrestored tonearm (needs some work) and a temporarily headshell with a new DENON DL-103 MC cartridge connected to the phono input of my NAGRA PL-P control amplifier.