EMT 927F # 7463 from 1963 and # 10465 from 1965

simultaneous restoration of two EMT 927F twin tonearm professional studio turntables

In 2019 I acquired two EMT 927F twin tonearm professional studio turntables, serial no. 7463 from January 1963 and serial no. 10465 from September 1965 and both formerly used by the Swedish National Broadcasting Corporation, particularly SR (Swedish Radio).

Technically they were in reasonable condition, cosmetically in poor condition so I decided to give them both a complete restoration to bring them back in new looking - and perfect working condition. I started early January 2020 with a full disassembly of both EMT 927F turntables and preparation of the top-plates for the external painter.

The EMT 927F twin tonearm professional studio turntable was designed and manufactured in the mid fifties of the 20th century, most of these turntables were ordered and bought by the Swedish National Broadcast Corporation and in use by particularly SR (Swedish Radio). This special version of the EMT 927 had initially two Ortofon RF-297 tonearms with two separate tonearm lift systems, see the original EMT promo black and white picture. Two tonearms were used for two different cartridges, one for normal groove mono records (78 rpm.) and one for micro groove mono records (33/45 rpm.). Mid sixties when the stereo record became more or less the standard most of these twin tonearm EMT 927F turntables were modified to a single tonearm turntable with also removing the second tonearm lift system. Most of the EMT 927F turntables from SR were used in a mobile console with an integrated custom build phono preamplifier.

Mid January 2020, both EMT 927F top-plates in the workshop of the external professional painter for a new spray repaint with the original medium grey hammertone paint.

End of January 2020 the EMT 927F top-plates are back from the external painter and in my workshop again, already refurbished the main platters and - bearings and "found" two NOS (New Old Stock) auxiliary platters in my stock.

Mid June 2020 both EMT 927F top-plates are shipped to Germany for a new screening/printing with the original text and symbols, just like was done at the first EMT 927F # 1240 from 1954, see official original EMT black and white promo picture.

Mid July 2020 both repainted EMT 927F top-plates are back from their trip to Germany and provided with a new fresh screening/printing so ready for further assembly.

Early August 2020, work in progress, started with much pleasure the rebuilding/assembly of the two EMT 927F top-plates with original (refurbished), NOS (New Old Stock) and reproduced parts. Also sorted, checked and initial assembly check of the new manufactured mechanical parts for the second tonearm lift system.

Third week of August 2020, have made some progress with the rebuilding/assembly of the two EMT 927F top-plates with most parts needed including the two tonearm lift systems at each top-plate, both are starting to look like a complete and original EMT 927F twin tonearm professional studio turntable as initial used in the past by Swedish Broadcast (SR - Swedish Radio).

Last week of August 2020, picture made of one EMT 927F top-plate complete with the auxiliary platter and two Ortofon RF-297 tonearms, just for the fun, impression and comparison with the original - and official black & white EMT promotion picture from the EMT 927F # 1240 as made in 1954, more then 65 years ago. Goal for coming September is to refurbish/restore the black underframes, power switch & speed selector units, motors and brake units.

First week of September 2020, refurbished both huge motors and brake units, motors are completely disassembled, cleaned, polished, rebuild and lubricated as well as  provided with new adjusted capacitor sets and new rubber suspension/silent blocks, the brake units are completely disassembled, cleaned, repainted and rebuild with new rubber silent blocks and new capacitors. Motors and brake units are, after tested, rejoined with both EMT 927F top-plates. Next job, refurbish of the power switch - and speed selector units.

Second week of September 2020, one of the two power switch - and speed selector units is completely refurbished which mean total disassembling, cleaning, polishing and repainting of most parts, rebuilding and check/test of the complete unit. Some pictures show both units, the refurbished unit at the left and the unrefurbished unit at the right.

Mid September 2020 both power switch - and speed selector units are ready, completely refurbished, working and looking like new and rejoined with both EMT 927F top-plates.

End of September 2020, restoration of both EMT 927F twin tonearm turntables is going prosperous, underframes are refurbished, repainted and assembled with connectors etc., next to come the power supplies and manufacturing of new "old school" wiring looms.

First week of October 2020, manufacturing two new humble power supplies, 24VDC for powering the brake unit only, and two new "old school technology" wiring looms including assembly in the two EMT 927F turntables, next tonearm cabling to turntable output.

Second week of October 2020, finalized both restored EMT 927F turntables with internal tonearm cabling and two special made output interface boxes, next to come the initial overall test with tonearms mounted.

Mid November 2020, restoration of both EMT 927F turntables is completed, after more then 55 years both are back again in perfect working - and new looking condition, EMT 927F # 10465 from 1965, the right one in the pictures, is sold already and found a new home in Bangkok - Thailand.

Some more pictures of the EMT 927F # 10465 in action during final test and soundcheck as well as packing before shipping to Bangkok - Thailand, new owner's choice for tonearms is EMT 997 tonearm at the right side and Ortofon RF-297 tonearm at the rear sight so he can play with all type of mono/stereo EMT - and Neumann cartridges.

Mid December 2020, the second EMT 927F # 7463 is packed and shipped to its new home in Bangalore - India, new owner's choice for the tonearm is the legendary EMT 997 12" "banana" tonearm on the right side, choice for the tonearm at the rear sight will be taken later.