EMT 930 # 1694 from 1955  


One of the highlights in my private collection is the mono EMT 930 with serial no. 1694 from 1955, equipped with an early fifties EMT 139 mono phono tube equalizer amplifier, serial no. 1503, and a special made Ortofon RK 229 mono tonearm. This mono EMT 930 is the first version of this professional studio turntable and supposed to be the only (left) protoype of the EMT 930.

I bought it some years ago from a young gentlemen in Berlin who inherited this EMT 930 from his grandfather who was the owner of the company which supplied EMT the turntable motors and the story is that his grandfather received it in the late fifties from Mr. Wilhelm Franz as a gift to thank him for his effort and cooperation.  At this special EMT 930 it’s very clear to observe that the EMT 930 was derived from his bigger predecessor the EMT 927, for instance the top plate of the turntable chassis is made of aluminium in stead of bakelite which was used in the following production versions. Also all operation knobs are made of metal in stead of bakelite and the arm rest was exactly copied from the EMT 927.


Detail pictures show some interesting deviations to later (production) EMT 930 versions , for instance;  


- headphone connectors are isolated from the (aluminium) top plate,

- tonearm rest and rubber buffer wheel for contra weight copied from EMT 927,

- revolution marks placed in same way as at the EMT 927,

- all metal (ON/OFF and SPEED) knobs in same shape as from the EMT 927,

- early fifties all metal pick-up cartridge holder,

- shape of outer case EMT 139,

- light grey corner bumpers,

- all metal adaptor for 45 rpm discs,

- main bearing,

- auxiliary platter center.  


This mono EMT 930 is still in complete original state, it’s only cleaned and no restorations or modifciations are made, only some critial parts (idler, rubber motor suspension, ball main bearing) are renewed and, after almost 70 years, it’s in great shape and superb working condition.  



Note: items in the Hall of Fame are from my private collection, used as reference for my contemporary activities and not for sale.