EMT 927/R 80 # 34 from 1953

one of the first EMT 927 turntables ever manufactured by EMT

November 2021 I had the lucky opportunity to buy one of the first EMT 927 turntables ever manufactured by EMT, the EMT 927/R 80 with serial no. 34 from 1953. As seen in one of the pictures the EMT type/serial tag mounted at the under frame indicates EMT 927 Nr. 34, on top it is engraved R 80 in accordance with the German IRT (Institut für Rundfunktechnik) Braunbuch which means this turntable was ordered by - and manufactured for the German Broadcasting. Initial this EMT 927 was bought by the German Broadcaster Hessischer Rundfunk (Hessian Broadcasting) in Frankfurt and in service till the end of the seventies after which it retired in a private collection. After manufacturing in 1953 this EMT 927 was a mono turntable with an Ortofon RF-297 mono tonearm, somewhere in the seventies it was upgraded to a stereo turntable with an EMT 997 stereo (banana) tonearm. After 70 years it's still in very good working condition including a working optical groove indicator, cosmetically it needs some attention and there are some minor modifications especially the hour counter which is not EMT original. Coming time I will check the overall condition and investigate what to do to bring it back to the original version, a challenging project for coming year.

June 2022, one of the biggest differences between the EMT 927/R 80 and the later standard production EMT 927 is the huge power switch as you can see in the first picture coming from my archive, with this power switch the hole EMT 927/R 80 is switched on (EIN) and off (AUS) from the mains power. In my EMT 927/R 80 # 34 from 1953 the power switch was removed in 1980 and replaced by an hour counter. After consulting all my (EMT) sources it became clear that finding such a switch was a mission impossible so I decided to go for a replica, after a long search I found the switch itself from a seller in Latvia and asked my supplier of mechanics to make the mounting plate and switch bezel. The result is very satisfying and after finishing all in black the EMT 927/R 80 # 34 will be a step closer to the original version.

Early July 2022, after some humble cleaning, inspection and investigation I discovered that the top-plate from the EMT 927/R 80 # 34 was spot repaired/repainted in the past with silver color paint which was unacceptable for me so I decided to go for a complete restoration to bring the EMT 927/R 80 # 34 from 1953 back to factory new condition. After a total disassembling of the turntable the top-plate was the first to go for a full treatment so after a lot of cleaning, repairing and sanding it was ready to go to the external painters workshop for a new fresh medium-grey hammertone coating with maintaining the original engraved text. Also the underside has been repainted with matt black paint as was done with all EMT 927 turntables from the early fifties.

Late July 2022, the restoration is going prosperous, to bring the EMT 927/R 80 # 34 back in factory new condition most parts from the top-plate are cleaned, polished, repainted (if necessary), lubricated and adjusted so the rebuilding of the top-plate has begun, next to do; refurbish of the motor and switch/speed sector unit.

Early August 2022, the switch unit for switching the motor on and off as well for the choice of the requested speed is completely refurbished so disassembled after which all parts were cleaned, polished and repainted, after all parts were ready the switch unit was rebuild, lubricated and adjusted. After 70 years this huge part of the EMT 927/R 80 # 34 is in factory new condition again and ready to go back to the top-palate.

Mid August 2022, out of the blue someone offered me an original switch bezel and knob for the huge EIN/AUS (ON/OFF) mains switch and I decided to buy it and leave the earlier made replica as is, made a new switch mounting plate and the text inserts and put all together, result is amazing and ready for assembly in the EMT 927/R 80 # 34 from 1953.

Late August 2022, the motor and power supply unit are completely refurbished and in factory new condition, the under frame is sanded and re(spray)painted in satin black, motor is assembled in the top-frame and most parts are assembled - and back in the under frame.

Early September 2022, the top-plate is completely assembled with all necessary parts, the engraving is black again so the factory new top-plate of the EMT 927/R 80 # 34 from 1953 is ready to be mounted again at the under frame after which a new wiring loom will be made as well as new cabling between the tonearm output and the 8 pin output connector.

Half way September 2022, the restoration is entering its final phase, the top and bottom frame are joined together again, all parts including the huge EIN/AUS (ON/OFF) mains power switch are mounted back in the turntable and a new "old school" wiring loom is made and assembled in the EMT 927/R 80 # 34 after which the initial test (electric and mechanical) was done and successful, also the optical system was checked and adjusted. Next to do the cleaning, check and adjustment of The EMT 997 tonearm, placing of the tonearm at the turntable and final adjustment and test including audio test and sound check.


Mid September 2022, after months of meticulous restoration the EMT 927/R 80 # 34 from 1953 is in factory new condition again. The EMT 997 tonearm is completely refurbished, mounted back at the turntable and connected mechanically to the optical groove indication system,  as far as necessary all is lubricated, adjusted and tested in accordance with the original EMT regulations, instructions and specifications. Final result is a 70 year old turntable in mint - and perfect working condition ready to play records 24/7/365 for another 7 decades.

Mid December 2022, finally found some time to do a photoshoot of the restored EMT 927/R 80 # 34 from 1953 in factory new condition, 70 years old but working and looking like it was just manufactured in the EMT factory in 1953, using it now in my personal collection with great fun and proud.