EMT 139st b replica

the return of the legend, designed in 1959 and, after 65 years, still available in 2024, brand new, hand-built in The Netherlands

The challenge


One of the most wanted parts for the earlier EMT 927st and EMT 930st professional turntables are the EMT 139st and EMT 139st b stereo phono tube equalizer amplifiers. Around the world there are only a handful of the original amplifiers left, they are very rare and highly sought-after and the ones still out there are the property of passionated EMT collectors and always in use in their beloved EMT 927st and/or EMT 930st turntables.


As a serious collector and user of some of these turntables I had the opportunity to buy an original EMT 139st b, serial no. 8059 from 1964 but I need more units to meet the need in the rest of my turntables, so the idea was to copy the original, easy to say, hard to do but the challenge was born, the challenge to prove it could be done: built it the classic way with new components and tailor made parts.


Finally, after months of meticulous reversed engineering of the original EMT 139st b, searching for original manufacturers of some parts, prototyping and testing, the original EMT 139st b was complete and perfect documentated down to the last screw and a first limited series was built for private use.



So, the legend did return and I decided to start manufacturing new limited series to make this famous amplifier available for other EMT lovers around the globe.

Manufacturing of each limited series starts with purchasing all needed components and parts, either sourced from the original supplier or recreated in exact detail with no compromises or deviation from the classic design with the commitment to exactly recreating the finest replica of the EMT 139st b. The 139st b
ʼs are built with high-grade components and tailor made mechanical parts, in- and output transformers re-manufactured by HAUFE, the original German supplier, in accordance with the original EMT specifications, gold plated tube sockets, vintage Telefunken ECC81 and ECC83 smooth plate tubes and Swiss made gold plated switches for switching stereo/mono and equalizer characteristics. Assembly is completely done by hand in the same tradition as the original, passionately built with respect to the classic design to meet original EMT specifications. 
After manufacturing, rigorous quality control, measurements and testing, every 139st b is placed in one of my EMT 927st or EMT 930st turntables for an extended burn-in period.


The result of all this effort is that each 139st b represents a meticulous recreation of the original EMT 139st b, amazing its appearance inside and outside, amazing its sound and quality, amazing the equality to its famous old ancestor.

Technical background


The EMT 139st stereo phono tube equalizer amplifier was designed in 1959 (price at that time DM 700,--) as partner of the EMT 139 mono phono tube equalizer amplifier to fulfil the need of stereo sound reproduction with the professional studio turntables EMT 927st and EMT 930st. It was and is a professional state-of-the-art stereo phono tube equalizer amplifier with top quality in- and output transformers to amplify low level signals of dynamic (MC) cartridges to studio balanced line level (+6dB).


The first version was provided with de-emphasis characteristics for DIN, NARTB and RIAA, the second version of the EMT 139st was (re)designed in 1963 with de-emphasis characteristics for NAB-RIAA-DIN 33/45, DIN 78, BBC and FLAT and was called EMT 139st b. The EMT 139st b was in production with EMT until 1967 after which it was succeeded by the solid state version EMT 155st.


Making of


Gallery images are reflecting a couple of manufacturing moments. 

Side by side


Gallery images are reflecting the original EMT 139st b on the left and the 139st b on the right, a “time out” of more than 60 years.

Key features:


- Hand-built in limited series, each amplifier takes approximately 40 hours to built.

- Tailor-made chassis, case and control panel painted in original "hammered" medium grey.

- Tailor-made mechanical parts.

- Top quality in - and output transformers manufactured by the original German supplier HAUFE in accordance with the former EMT specifications.

- Gold plated tube sockets.

- Tested and selected vintage TELEFUNKEN ECC81 & ECC83 smooth plate tubes.

- Swiss made gold plated switches.

- Gain, frequency response, noise, distortion, all specifications are on par with or better than the original EMT 139st b.

- Comes with a screened control panel.

- Comes with a copy of the original EMT 139st b circuit diagram, technical information, instructions for operation and EMT Courier no. 5.

- Manufactured in compliance with RoHS/CE regulations.

- Warranty: 5 years on parts and labor (except tubes which carry 6 months).


Availability: out of stock.


Price with vintage TFK tubes: € 4.900,--


Note 1: The 139st b can only be used in earlier EMT 927 and EMT 930 turntables with serial no's before 14725 with the necessary power supplies for the EMT 139 series pre-amps.


Note 2: On request the 139st b can be delivered with new JJ ECC83S gold pin and JJ ECC81 gold pin tubes, price with new JJ tubes: € 4.750,--


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