Neumann WV2 based phono stage

state-of-the-art mono/stereo MC phono tube RIAA amplifier based on the Holy Grail from 1958 for use with EMT 927 and EMT 930 turntables

Neumann - the reference since 1928


The history of professional audio technology is intimately linked to the name Neumann. Founded in Berlin in 1928, the German brand has been synonymous with superlative sound, pioneering research and development, and uncompromising quality. All over the world - in all famous recording studios, radio - and TV studios, concert halls, on film sets and on stage - if the sounds count for anything, Neumann microphones are there. For many years, too, the company was one of the leading manufacturers of disk recording lathes and control room systems for the gramophone industry, constantly developing ingenious and innovative techniques. The company also build large mixing consoles for broadcasting corporations. Today, Georg Neumann GmbH of Berlin still specializes in the development and manufacturing of first-class microphones as well as studio monitors and - headphones. Last decades some vintage Neumann equipment related to the disk cutting systems are sought-after for high-end audio use at home, most wanted are for instance the Neumann DST stereo MC cartridge, the Neumann PA2 record player and the Neumann WV2 stereo phono tube equalizer amplifier, all designed and released in the 1958 but after more then 65 years still state-of-the-art.



Neumann WV2


The dream of many serious audiophiles and connoisseurs is to own and use a professional Neumann WV2 stereo phono tube equalizer amplifier, it's the Holy Grail and one of the most wanted and sought-after vintage audio amplifiers. The Neumann WV2,  WV2 stands for "Zweikanal-Wiedergabeverstäker" (two-channel playback amplifier in German), was the first stereo phono equalizer amplifier designed and manufactured by Neumann in 1958 (price at that time DM 1.288,--) to fulfill the need of high-quality stereo sound reproduction in professional audio environments. The Neumann WV2 , build with military precision, was and is a professional state-of-the-art stereo phono tube equalizer amplifier with top quality in - and output transformers, tubes especially designed by Telefunken for professional audio applications and high-grade components to amplify low level signals of high-quality dynamic (MC) cartridges - e.g. the Neumann stereo cartridge DST and EMT TSD 15 - to studio balanced line level of +6dB (1,55V) and provided with de-emphasis characteristics for DIN, RIAA and FLAT. Initially the Neumann WV2 was intended as an integral playback monitoring part of the famous Neumann AM32b stereo disk cutting system which was used by many major gramophone manufacturers around the globe.


Neumann WV2 based phono stage


My interest and fascination for the Neumann WV2 started already a long time ago and during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns in 2020 I finally found some time doing something special to kill this boring time, I had the Neumann WV2 technical information, the circuit diagram and some necessary parts like the Haufe 2 x V264 SUT (Neumann BV33), Telefunken EF804S tubes and other special parts. As owner and user of some EMT 927 and EMT 930 turntables I decided to built initially a test model which could be used directly in one of the mentioned turntables because they had the appropriate power supply to power the Neumann WV2 based phono stage. Because I didn't need the complete Neumann WV2 I downsized the audio circuit for the test model to only the input with the SUT and the first two stages with the Telefunken EF804S tubes, the rechargeable batteries for the cathode biasing and the RIAA equalization, the hart of the Neumann WV2 where all the magic happens. To transform the high impedance output of the second stage to a low impedance unbalanced output with a level of -3dB (0,5V) I added a humble cathode follower with one ECC83 tube for both channels, the Neumann WV2 based phono stage for my EMT 927A st was born, the result was amazing and stunning, the best stereo MC phono tube equalizer amplifier I've ever heard. Ultimately, this legendary part of the Neumann WV2 defies any attempt at explanation. Myths surround each of its components: from the Haufe 2 x V264 SUT to the special for professional audio designed Telefunken EF804S tubes, the rechargeable batteries to the military spec. PIO capacitors, the Neumann WV2 based phono stage is more than the sum of its parts, it's the perfect interplay of all of its components, as well as the intelligent work of the Neumann engineers in 1958. You must have used and heard this Neumann WV2 based phono stage to understand what makes it so magical so I decided to make it available for the EMT 927/EMT 930  community and manufacture this Neumann WV2 based phono stage now in very limited numbers.


Making of


Gallery images are reflecting a couple of manufacturing moments.

Key features:


- Plug and play ready for use in early EMT 927/EMT 930 turntables (serial no's before 14725) with high voltage (anode) - and heating voltage power supplies.

- Brand new and hand-built in very limited numbers, each amplifier takes approximately 40 hours to manufacture.

- Available in silver - and black anodized enclosure.

- Original Haufe 2 x V264 twin SUT (Step Up Transformer), new manufactured in accordance with the former Neumann BV33 SUT specifications.

- NOS (New Old Stock) special quality low noise Telefunken EF804S tubes, matched and selected for minimum lifespan (10.000 hours) and low microphonics.

- NOS (New Old Stock) Ei ECC83 smooth plate tube.

- Gold plated tube sockets.

- High-grade components and military spec. PIO capacitors.

- Old-school architecture and hand-wired point to point construction.

- Gain, frequency response, noise, distortion, RIAA equalization, all specifications are equal to or better than the original Neumann WV2.

- Front panel controlled mono/stereo switch.

- Comes with a blind panel for covering the control knob holes in the EMT 927/EMT930 turntable.

- Comes with an USB stick with a lot of information from the original Neumann WV2 and the EMT 927/EMT 930 as well as scanned EMT Couriers/Kuriers.

- Comes in a waterproof/dust-proof high impact resistance mini Pelican case for safe transport and storage.

- Manufactured in compliance with RoHS/CE regulations.

- Warranty: 5 years on parts and labor (except tubes which carry 1 year).

Availability: in stock.


Price: € 5.500,--


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