EMT 930-900 shock-absorbing frame

original EMT shock-absorbing frame in mint condition

For sale a wonderful and very rare in this condition, pre-owned original EMT 930-900 shock-absorbing frame for use with the legendary EMT 930 professional studio turntable, reduces mechanical vibration and impact sound.

Technical information from the original EMT sales leaflet:


General description


For improving isolation against mechanical vibration and impact sound when operated both stationary as well as in mobile service. This shock-absorbing frame is useful where the EMT 930 studio turntable must be operated in rooms subjected to strong interference from impact and vibrations because the frame makes the EMT 930 insensitive to mechanical and acoustic stimulations. Moreover, it protects the turntable against resonant vibrations which could be caused by unintentionally bumping or jarring of the console by operating personnel.


Technical features


The shock-absorbing frame is made up of a fixed section and a floating section on which the mechanism is mounted. Through the use of dense, heavy materials, the frame's weight is increased, and this added to the weight of the mechanism, result in a considerably increased floating weight. Selection of suitable spring elements results in an extremely low self-resonance. Appropriate individual spring elements are used, therefore, for both the vertical and the horizontal vibration planes. These dampen the low frequency excursions whereas the higher frequencies are absorbed by means of rubber elements. For mobile service, a transit blocking device is installed to protect against horizontal movement and rocking. When the EMT 930 turntables were directly compared, one mounted in a shock-absorbing frame, the other without, there was a pronounced decrease of at least 15dB in mechanical vibration and impact sound. This value differs by a few dB, depending on the frequency of the interfering source.


Installation dimensions/technical data


Width: 540 mm (21,25") without mounting brackets

Height: 250 mm (9,85") when loaded

Depth: 440 mm (17,32")

Weight: Approx. 26 kg (57,2 lbs)


The EMT 930-900 is completely cleaned, serviced and readjusted, in superb working condition, appearance is near mint and comes with a copy of the original EMT datasheets (German as well as English language).




Original EMT 930-900 shock-absorbing frame in mint condition: € 3.900,--


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