EMT On Air

a small time travel into the past

In the second half of the 20th century EMT turntables were in 24/7/365 professional use in radio - and TV studios all over the globe, last two decades I've collected pictures of EMT turntables in professional use and action, most of these pictures were found at the internet, in magazines and technical information from EMT, a small time travel into the past: EMT On Air.

To start with pictures below of EMT turntables used in the studios from the Dutch National Broadcast Corporation.

Next and below, some studio pictures from the famous and legendary Radio Luxemburg.

In the homeland of EMT, Germany, all national - and regional broadcasters used EMT turntables, below some pictures of German radio studios.

In the sixties and seventies a couple of offshore radio stations (radio pirates) were active for the coast of The Netherlands, one of them was RNI (Radio Northsee International) and the only one which used EMT turntables in their studios, below some pictures of these studios.

As mentioned above EMT turntables were used by broadcasters all over the globe, below some pictures of studios with EMT turntables in France (Radio France), Belgium, United Kingdom (BBC), Austria (ORF), Portugal, USA, South Africa, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, etc.