EMT 133 / EMT V83 # 462 from 1952


the first, the rarest and the best

My private collection contains all versions of EMT phono equalizer amplifiers for the EMT R35, EMT R80, EMT 927 and EMT 930, mono as well as stereo, tube as well as solid state. The oldest highlight in this collection is the legendary and very rare mono phono tube equalizer amplifier EMT 133, serial no. 462 from 1952.

The EMT 133 mono phono tube equalizer amplifier was the first phono equalizer amplifier designed and manufactured by EMT in the early 50’s to fulfil the need of mono sound reproduction with the professional studio turntables EMT R35, EMT R80 and EMT 927.  For the German Broadcasting the EMT 133 was called EMT V83 in accordance with the IRT’s Braunbuch regulations. The EMT 133, build with military precision, was and is a professional state-of-the-art mono phono tube equalizer amplifier with top quality in- and output transformers to amplify low level signals of dynamic (MC) cartridges to studio balanced line level (+6dB) and provided with de-emphasis characteristics for DIN, CCIR and NAB. It was in production with EMT for a short period after which it was succeeded by the also legendary EMT 139.


The EMT 133 in my collection is still in complete original state, it’s only cleaned, no restorations or modifciations are made and, after more then almost seventy years, it’s in great shape and superb working condition.  



Note: items in the Hall of Fame are from my private collection, used as reference for my contemporary activities and not for sale.